French voyageurs trapped and hunted for wild animals in the Illinois Territory
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A silver buck - silver trading pieces like this were used by voyageurs and traders.  Each piece represented one beaver pelt in the early Illinois Territory.Journey back to a time of exploration with one of the first French trappers to reach the Illinois Territory. Play a game and learn how to make your own animal hide possibles bag.

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Make a Possibles Bag!

Learn to make a possibles bag out of deer or other animal hide.  Play the game to get directions and a pattern to make your own.When voyageurs and early Illinois settlers ventured into the wild, they probably carried a small bag designed to hold "everything possible."  The bag would hold flint and steel for starting a fire or lead balls for a musket.

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Furbearers of Illinois

Beaver - a common Illinois furbearing mammal in the past and todayLearn about mink, raccoon, fox, coyote and more. Take a quiz about Illinois wildlife.

Illinois' furbearers were valuable to early settlers and they are valuable today.

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